Company Background

Client is a counseling service specializing in the treatment of eating disorders that uses an evidence-based approach to facilitate recovery, so patients can regain a positive quality of life while minimizing the chances of relapse. Levels of care include partial hospitalization, outpatient, and evening programs. It operates centers across a three-state region including Colorado, Kansas, and Nebraska.

Business Challenges

Originally with one location in Denver, Client turned to RefractROI to establish digital presence in new expansion markets, while increasing admissions to all centers. The goal was to ensure a funnel of new patients as each new center opened. This would allow Client to invest in expansion markets with the highest ROI possible.

The goals for the engagement were increasing keyword rankings, website traffic, and conversion of leads to patient admissions allowing new locations to quickly achieve admission capacity goals.


RefractROI recommended a comprehensive digital marketing campaign addressing all elements required to achieve the client’s goals. This included both local and national organic search, or search engine optimization (SEO). These elements were targeted to dominate in local search results, while ranking high for relevant keywords in research-oriented organic searches outside of the local markets. Achieving high domain authority for the brand was essential and achieved through significant off-page optimization of the website. Finally, a paid search campaign was developed and executed in a manner that supported admissions as center capacities fluctuated.

As a privately held company, the Board of Directors was interested in the performance of the digital marketing investment and the resulting ROI. RefractROI created a customized dashboard that provided 24/7 accessibility to spending levels and key performance indicators. This supported a transparent and accountable approach to campaign performance management and on going spending recommendations.



Percentage of Leads Generated by RefractROI campaigns


Average CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) Less than 1% of Average Transcation

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