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Why do I need digital Marketing?

SEO, the art and science behind ranking websites organically, is the critical component of digital marketing strategies. It typically provides the most predictable, cost-effective, and highest-quality lead generation you can rely on. A higher return on investment in SEO campaigns is possible when implemented correctly.

Working with RefractROI on Your SEO services creates:


Predictable, Scalable Lead Generation


Increased Return on Marketing Spend


Enhanced Valuation of Your Business

Ranking well to be found.

When you don’t rank well for the terms that represent your business, people who don’t already know you won’t be able to find you.


of people conduct online research before making a major purchase.


of people click on the first three organic results in their search.


of people click on the first five results in researching their purchase.


of people only click on the first page of search results.

If your competitors outrank you for non-branded terms, the ones that describe the products and services you offer without naming your company, then they’ll get the opportunities your sales team craves.

Best Practices

SEO practices born of business acumen.

By improving your website's organic search rankings, your business can achieve a higher SEO ROI. At RefractROI, we’re responsible for creating the digital infrastructure that supports your sales goals – our team turns sites that function as business cards and catalogs into sales generation tools. Armed with key data about your products and services, we provide the strategy, messaging, tools, and expertise to ensure your website ranks well for the search terms that drive new business.

Align with your business goals.
On-page & off-page optimization.
Content designed to convert.

Engage with RefractROI

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  • Current business hurdles
  • Long and short-term company goals
  • Budgeting considerations
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Opportunity Review

  • Align services & develop strategies
  • What’s possible with RefractROI
  • Discuss timelines
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  • Messaging & keyword strategy
  • Conversion audit
  • Systems reporting & set-up
Our Process

With RefractROI,
Expect more.

We establish a true partnership with our clients and start our engagements with a deep understanding and assessment of your needs, so we’re all working towards a common business and financial goal.

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The Difficulties of SEO On Your Own

Most businesses fail at doing their own SEO. In-house marketing teams for SMBs lack the functional and cross-industry experience to quickly identify and overcome hurdles to succeed with SEO. Developing a solid understanding of SEO return on investment can help your company make more informed decisions about where to allocate your marketing budget. The bandwidth required to stay current with critical changes to search engine algorithms and website best practices is rarely available internally. The lack of established relationships with link providers and publishers makes off-page SEO difficult, cumbersome, and expensive. Most teams rely on outside marketing consultants who are either focused on strategy or implementation, but rarely grasp both and aren’t held accountable.

Case Studies

Home Improvement Ecommerce

RefractROI’s expert team identified a variety of issues plaguing our client and implemented a plan to restore the viability of their ecommerce site, including the removal of a Google Penalty, and robust SEO keyword strategy, and more.

Online University

Once RefractROI saw the client had virtually no inbound lead generation that could be contributed to digital marketing, our team recognized the need for a new and predictable lead gen source with CPAs low enough to deliver an ideal ROI.

Alignment with your business goals.


We’re not here to reinvent the wheel. Just like you take stock of your customer’s needs, we need to understand what you want to get out of SEO so we can build the right strategy for your campaign. We get to know your company, your product, your customers, and your goals so we can create an ironclad SEO strategy.

On-page and off-page optimization to drive rankings.


The devil is in the details when it comes to SEO. Once we have the right strategy, we will optimize your website to make clear exactly what you do and how you can help your customers. We’ll also spread your business name all over the internet with citations and links to build the authority and relevance of your site.

Content strategically written to work for you.


At RefractROI, we know that having the right content on your website is everything in SEO. It helps you rank better and compels your audience to pick up the phone, fill out a form, or buy your product. Our content is strategically designed to align with your business goals, to speak to your audience, and ultimately drive conversion.

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Get your search ad in front of the customers desperate for your services quickly, at a sustainable ROI.


Our data-driven strategy creates things your customers want to read and content that works for you.

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