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What Can Paid Search Do For My Business?

At RefractROI, we’re responsible for creating the digital infrastructure that supports your sales goals – our team turns sites that function as business cards and catalogs into sales generation tools. With years of expertise as a leading PPC marketing agency in Denver, you can trust us to create custom campaigns so your business can reach its target audience and drive conversions.

Working with Refract on your Paid Search will give you:


In-Market Audience Awareness


Campaign Budgets Based on Profitability


Scalable & Predictable Lead Generation

Advertising Made to Convert

If you don’t include a paid search campaign in your strategy, you’re missing out on getting your brand in front of a new, qualified audience.


average performance increase within the first 30 days of managing a paid campaign.


of consumers visiting a site via paid ad are more likely to convert than those coming from an organic link.


of people believe paid search ads help them find what they’re looking for easier.


increase in brand awareness generated by strategic paid search advertising.

Expertise is critical to success. Failure to properly implement best practices leads many businesses to not realize the full potential of this medium. In the hands of amateurs, time, money, and precious marketing dollars are wasted.

Best Practices

Fiscally Responsible Paid Search

At RefractROI, we’re responsible for creating the digital infrastructure that supports your sales goals – our team turns sites that function as business cards and catalogs into sales generation tools. Armed with key information about your products and services, we provide the strategy, messaging, tools, and expertise to ensure your website ranks well for the search terms that drive new business.

Align with your business goals.
On-page & off-page optimization.
Content designed to convert.

Engage with RefractROI

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  • Current business goals & challenges
  • Long and short-term company objectives
  • Budgeting considerations
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Opportunity Review

  • Align services & develop strategies
  • What’s possible with RefractROI
  • Discuss timelines
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  • Messaging & keyword strategy
  • Conversion audit
  • Systems reporting & set-up
Our Process

With RefractROI,
Expect more.

We establish a true partnership with our clients and start our engagements with a deep understanding and assessment of your needs, so we’re all working towards a common business and financial goal.

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The Trouble with Managing Your Own Paid Search

Businesses should never spend more than they can afford to manage the execution of paid search campaigns. Failure to understand the competitive landscape results in expensive clicks and irrelevant traffic. With today’s premium placed on talent, this makes expertise difficult to acquire and expensive to staff. With the advent of automation and artificial intelligence, keeping up with the rapid pace of changes from Google becomes an arms race that an individual can’t win on their own.

More Services

Enterprise Saas

Our successful management of our client’s $10k average monthly Google Ads budget and effective content and messaging services quickly surpassed the original annual goals set forth, lending to two massive client acquisitions in the first six months.

National Food Distributor

The RefractROI team was approached by a client looking to save on their Paid Search expenses and reinvest it into their organic SEO campaign. Our expertise enabled us to reduce this expense and still maintain a positive ROI and revenue increase.

Campaign structure that wins short and long-tail search.


Our Google-certified campaign managers connect ad groups, content, and keywords to earn high quality scores. As Google best practices evolve, existing campaigns fail to compete with those that keep up. Quality Scores directly impact your opportunity to be found by people trying to buy your products and services.

Financial model that predicts potential revenue.


Our dedicated account team discovers opportunities that other agencies miss by emphasizing messaging processes and financial data to create profitable interactions. Unlike “turnkey” solutions, our team works with your leadership to ensure paid media budgets are attuned to your desired growth strategy. 

Marketing meetings worth attending.


Our account team goes one step further by connecting paid search activity with your sales team to ensure both quality and quantity of leads are being delivered in an accurate and timely manner. We listen and learn from your frontline staff to deliver the qualified leads they crave and deliver reports that actually matter to leadership.

More Services


Improve your rankings and get in front of the right people to generate scalable, predictable business.


Develop the digital marketing infrastructure required to meet your business objectives that elevates your brand standards.

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