Digital Marketing for Manufacturing Companies

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Why Do I Need a Manufacturing Digital Marketing Agency?

RefractROI has helped a wide range of manufacturing clients realize growth opportunities through digital marketing that relies on SEO, the science of ranking websites organically. From companies manufacturing printed circuit boards to commercial trailers, our team has the extensive experience in creating digital marketing strategies for the manufacturing industry to create the robust marketing strategy that offers the most cost effective method for new customer acquisition, increased domain authority, and more.

Working with RefractROI on Manufacturing Digital Marketing creates:


Scalable Marketing for New Customer & Reseller Acquisition


Websites Built for Enhanced Business Enablement & Predictable Lead Generation


Enhanced Positioning for Introducing New Products & Existing Products into New Markets
Best Practices

Digital Marketing is the Solution to Your Manufacturing Business Challenges

At RefractROI, we understand that your business objectives, while unique, are a matter of revenue. Whether you’ve established a name for yourself in your industry you need to present yourself as an expert and thought leader in your field to attract new business from non-branded search terms. Our team has experience in digital marketing strategy for the manufacturing industry and will take the time to understand the different buyer personas of your target audiences and the unique problems your products and services solve. Armed with this and key information about digital marketing for manufacturing companies, we’ll help you target the right customers and achieve your essential objectives, now and as you expand into new markets and unveil products.

Align with your specific business & revenue goals.
Comprehensive website & infrastructure optimization.
Content designed to engage, educate & convert.

Manufacturing Digital Marketing for Discovery & Conversion

When you don’t rank well for the terms that represent your business, new customers or industrial and distribution partners won’t be able to find you. You need a strategy that represents you and speaks to the reasons people look for your offerings.


Increase to new customer revenue over the first year’s goal


Actual new customer revenue in the first two years after campaign execution


Increased average non-branded monthly organic traffic

Industry acumen is critical to your marketing success. If you want to be a leader in the manufacturing and industrial space, you need SEO and digital marketing for manufacturing companies that ensure your unique messaging, most profitable products, and expertise are presented to your target audiences on your terms. With RefractROI, you gain a partner that’s ready to make your revenue and growth goals our own.


The Nuances of Digital Marketing for Manufacturing Companies

Revenue growth and manufacturing digital marketing ROI are top of mind for most of the industry’s CEOs, but most fail at doing their own SEO. Depending on the objectives, your site will require structuring, keyword and content strategy, and opportunity analysis that in-house marketing teams don’t have functional experience managing. The vital experience necessary to successfully target both existing and new customers and their unique reasons for searching for your product is rarely available internally. With RefractROI, our manufacturing digital marketing company will evaluate the existing positioning and messaging in place for your products to differentiate your solutions from the competitors and put you at the forefront of your market.

Our Process

With RefractROI,
Expect more.

We establish a true partnership with our manufacturing clients and start our engagement with a deep understanding of the value consistent and repeat revenue holds for your business. By highlighting the profitability of your various product segments and the relative size of their opportunities, our strategies achieve robust revenue growth while ensuring you can actively maintain healthy profit margins for both your short- and long-term objectives. Together, we will build strategies that allow us to work toward your manufacturing digital marketing goals and grow your business on your terms.


Unveil and launch new products.


If you have something new and exciting to show the world, RefractROI is here to help you get it into the right hands. Just as you take stock of your customers’ needs to manufacture new, cutting-edge products, we understand what you need from your SEO, PPC, and digital marketing efforts to successfully introduce your new creation to the market. We will get to know your company, your new and in-progress products, your customers, and your goals so we can create an ironclad digital marketing strategy for the manufacturing industry.

Expand into new, untapped markets.


At RefractROI, your dedicated account team takes the time to learn about your products, offerings, and dreams for your future so you have a partner when you’re ready to put your best foot forward in a new market. By emphasizing messaging exercises, market-specific manufacturing digital marketing methods, and financial data to create profitable interactions, our manufacturing digital marketing agency works alongside your growth initiatives in markets where you’re a mainstay and where you’re the new kid on the block.

Position yourself for new customer acquisition.


Our manufacturing digital marketing company goes one step further by connecting your manufacturing digital marketing with messaging that speaks specifically to new customers looking for new vendors. While both new and existing customers will have the same use for your products, they may not be searching for the same reason, and our team will strategize and execute on marketing that speaks to the unique perspectives that help you land more of the qualified leads you crave.

Engage with RefractROI

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  • Current business hurdles
  • Long and short-term company goals
  • Budgeting considerations
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Opportunity Review

  • Align services & develop strategies
  • What’s possible with RefractROI
  • Discuss timelines
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  • Messaging & keyword strategy
  • Conversion audit
  • Systems reporting & set-up

Elevated Marketing Profitability by Prioritizing the Right Product Segments

When you underutilize the ideal product segments for your marketing goals or overlook the opportunities that have the potential to maximize your keyword or content strategy, your customer acquisition and authority in your industry suffers.


Increased monthly MQLs from paid & organic search efforts


Consistent ROI achieved through our custom-tailored digital marketing strategies

Promoting the broad product or service offering your company provides can be a great strategy under some circumstances, but when your marketing success relies on certain revenue metrics, you need to dial into what drives your audience to you most. The RefractROI manufacturing digital marketing agency team, does the work to understand which of your products offer the best ROI opportunities and why new and existing customers are searching for the products you’re most proud to present.

Case Studies

Manufacturing Automation Distributor

RefractROI’s combined SEO and PPC created campaigns to capture ready-to-buy traffic at a sustainable ROI, and launched a WordPress multisite resulting in higher Domain Authority and achieving 5x the first year’s new customer revenue goal.

Specialty Manufacturer

Our successful messaging alignment and redevelopment of two websites into one with robust ecommerce functionality consolidated domain authority to help them be regularly found for competitive, non-branded terms on the first page of SERPs.

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