Company Background

Client is a distributor of composite fencing products manufactured by a 3rd party for medium to large scale residential development. The business has a unique, sought after product but has difficulty separating themselves from similarly branded competitors. Regular sales increases are required by the manufacturer to earn additional production capacity where availability is limited.

Business Challenges

The marketing team had experience in digital advertising, but not creating an infrastructure that could consistently produce new sales. Without proper reporting and CRM connections, ROI from marketing efforts was difficult to determine. While there are few competitors vying for the same space, the client was consistently beat by the direct manufacturer and leading competitor. Most new digital leads were earned from Paid Search, causing an overreliance on their Paid Search vendor. The client approached RefractROI after the previous vendor’s production began to degrade.

The client had a website that mirrored the manufacturer messaging and brand, and did not establish key areas of differentiation between themselves and competitors. They received little non-branded organic search.


RefractROI provided Paid Search management to immediately change the trajectory of performance, and combined these efforts with SEO services to reduce reliance on paid channels. To achieve this, RefractROI:

  • Launched an SEO engagement to raise rankings on transactional keywords directly tied to their product pages.
  • Leveraged completed work, relationships, and unique images to develop a unique brand voice in the market.
  • Conducted reporting & lead forensics to determine value of acquired leads and improve marketing accountability.
  • Conversion optimization to define and refine the pathways new customers took to engage with client.
  • Marketing spend assessment to determine optimal budget utilization.


RefractROI was successful in growing leads generated that the client now controls paid search spend by production capacity. The client achieved its largest share ever of leads coming from organic search, reducing the reliance on paid channels to fund growth. Marketing budgets are now smaller, more predictable, and are capable of filling available production capacity. Operations has replaced marketing as the next hurdle in business growth.


Available products sold in 2022


Increased Goal Completions (Q3 2022 vs. 2021)

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