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Why Should I Invest in My Website?

When websites with a modern aesthetic and responsive design are built with SEO and Digital Marketing best practices at their core, you create a powerful marketing machine. In our modern world, businesses without an effective digital infrastructure fail to connect to new customers.

Working with RefractROI on Your Website results in:


Scalable Websites That Expand As Your Business


Connecting Customers To Relevant Solutions


Sales Enablement & Increased Lead Generation

Websites Designed to Educate, Inform & Convert.

Digital attention spans have decreased. If your website fails to connect your solutions to the customer’s problem in less than seven seconds, people will leave before ever considering doing business with you.


of customers review a website’s products or services page before looking anywhere else.


of consumers cite page speed as a key factor in their willingness to buy.

12 Yrs

the number of years in a row WordPress has been the fastest growing content management system.


clicks of mobile searches result in a call or visit to that business within 24 hours.

When a website isn’t structurally optimized or visually appealing, Google won’t encourage people to visit your site. Your business will miss out on opportunities that your competitors will be rewarded with instead. Investing in sound digital infrastructure produces the scalable platform that doesn’t have to be rebuilt every year or two.

Best Practices

Websites Driven By Marketing Tactics & Strategies

At Refract ROI, we’re responsible for creating the digital infrastructure that supports your sales goals–our team turns sites that function as business cards and catalogs into sales generation tools. Armed with key information about your products and services, we provide the strategy, messaging, tools, and expertise to ensure your website ranks well for the search terms that drive new business.

Align with your business goals.
On-page & off-page optimization.
Content designed to convert.

Engage with RefractROI

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  • Current business goals & challenges
  • Long and short-term company objectives
  • Budgeting considerations
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Opportunity Review

  • Align services & develop strategies
  • What’s possible with RefractROI
  • Discuss timelines
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  • Messaging & keyword strategy
  • Conversion audit
  • Systems reporting & set-up
Our Process

Web Development Done Right & On Time.

We apply our tried and tested development schedule and manufacturing best practices to your unique solution. Milestones are clear, communication is open, and scope of work is controlled.

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The Challenge of Designing Your Own Website

Website development at the SMB level is often ineffective. Marketing leaders without development experience struggle to lead website experts who lack context and understanding. These engagements typically lead to inflated delivery costs, underwhelming websites, and a frustrating process everyone is fed up with. Sound familiar? We’ve been through this before and we have learned how to turn these previously exhausting and irritating exercises into a condensed, effective, and enjoyable experience. The digital landscape is still full of opportunity, and good website design allows you to take advantage of them before your competitors.

Case Studies

Aircraft Parts Distributor

RefractROI’s expertise in consolidating websites proved essential in this client’s recent acquisition. With new organic rankings and increase digital revenue in the first six months, the client now has a website and profitable marketing strategy.

Music School Rollup

When this client approached RefractROI looking to rank competitively in organic, local, and paid SERPs across each of their school locations, our team put together the WordPress multisite and strategy their marketing ROI desperately needed.

Alignment with your business goals.


Website development shouldn’t be complicated. Our experienced digital marketers know what is and isn’t required to meet your business goals. The output is a website that’s exactly the right size for your marketing objectives and budget.

Navigation & Sitemaps Inspired by Keyword Research


Navigation that fails to demonstrate your knowledge of your customers’ issues will bounce new users as quickly as it will frustrate Google. This step is often overlooked by other agencies and consultants and is critical to connecting search engines with end users. We establish a unique presence with your audience by evolving “Who, What, When, Where & Why” pages to tangible, searchable solutions.

Responsive Websites That Load Quickly.


Gone are the days where customers patiently wait for your website to load and read through convoluted content. Today’s internet users expect clear steps in how to do business with you. Our websites are optimized to quickly connect your customers with what they need to see first while making your desired next steps impossible to avoid.

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Get your search ad in front of the customers desperate for your services quickly, at a sustainable ROI.


Our data-driven strategy creates things your customers want to read and content that works for you.

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