Company Background

RefractROI leveraged the Choozle platform to execute programmatic advertising campaigns for their client, Viaero Wireless. The Choozle
platform enabled RefractROI to increase brand awareness and offline sales, in a simple and scalable manner.

The Objectives

  • To increase the amount of quality traffic to Viaero Wireless’ website
  • To increase overall brand awareness
  • To reduce bounce rate
  • To increase the number of offline sales during the campaign flight

The Solution

RefractROI set out to increase the number of offline sales for our client, Viaero Wireless. They accomplished this by using IP targeting to reach
consumers in the areas surrounding Viaero Wireless’ brick and mortar. Contextual targeting was used to reach both business and consumer
segments who were browsing the internet for content related to their client’s product. RefractROI also used hypertargeting to advertise to
relevant interest-based segments in a specified network. By utilizing these various targeting tactics, we were able to increase the amount of
quality traffic that visited our client’s website and decrease bounce rate. This helped lead to tripling monthly online revenue in a 30-day
window for Viaero Wireless.


Click Through Rate throughout the campaign


Total Clicks to the Website throughout the campaign

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