Content Marketing Accountable to ROI

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Why Do I Need Content Marketing?

Content Marketing creates and curates your relevant existing resources, points of differentiation, and unique brand voice to present you as the thought leader you strive to be. Deliberate content strategies are critical to transforming your website into a lead generation machine. Multi-purposing, consistent content that you can leverage to work with any campaign or tactic.

Working with RefractROI on Your Content Marketing generates:


Alignment Between Marketing & Sales


Consistent Messaging Across All Mediums


Demonstrably Improved Conversion Rates

Content Written to Educate, Inform & Convert.

If you don’t have content to pair with your SEO, you’re missing out on traffic and not giving your audience the information they crave.


of people are influenced by the custom content on a website.


of businesses see positive ROI from posting consistent content.


of digital shoppers review blogs on their buying journey.


of B2B customers cite content as a factor in helping them trust a business.

Failure to present your brand as an informative industry leader allows potential customers to pass you over in favor of competing businesses that publish well-written, original content.

Best Practices

Content Strategy Born of Business Acumen

At RefractROI, we’re responsible for creating the digital infrastructure that supports your sales goals – our team turns sites that function as business cards and catalogs into sales generation tools. Armed with key information about your products and services, we provide the strategy, messaging, tools, and expertise to ensure your website ranks well for the search terms that drive new business.

Align with your business goals.
On-page & off-page optimization.
Content designed to convert.

Engage with RefractROI

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  • Current business goals & challenges
  • Long and short-term company objectives
  • Budgeting considerations
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Opportunity Review

  • Align services & develop strategies
  • What’s possible with RefractROI
  • Discuss timelines
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  • Messaging & keyword strategy
  • Conversion audit
  • Systems reporting & set-up
Our Process

With RefractROI, Content Creates Revenue.

Our team does what other agencies won’t – spending the time to understand everything that makes your business tick. We bring keyword research, digital strategy, and content expertise to your team to create clarity, efficiency, and market value.

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The Challenges of Writing Your Own Content

Many businesses fail to keep up with their own content writing and design goals. Content is generally assigned to those with ‘extra’ time, or with industry expertise but little marketing experience, which results in wasted time, frustrated staff, and ineffective marketing. Many writers only focus on the words and not on the marketing outcomes the content is budgeted to produce. You need someone who will adopt your goals as their own and craft content that elevates the quality of your brand. Our in-house marketing team creates content that’s as effective as it is memorable without sacrificing marketing or industry expertise.

Case Studies

Criminal Law Firm

To increase traffic and lead generation to this client’s site, our team clarified their target client by developing robust Buyer Personas, a Messaging Platform, and Positioning statement. This guided the keyword process and lead to an increase in organic conversion, keywords in the top two positions, and more.

Medical Device

RefractROI’s combined content development and digital marketing campaign building contributed to this client’s website development to better connect with their physicians and a variety of positive results, including a 400% campaign ROI and 91% decrease in patient acquisition cost.

Time invested is money saved.


We’re not here to reinvent the wheel. Just like you take stock of your customer’s needs, we need to understand what you want to tell your audience so we can create the content that makes sense for you. We get to know your company, your product, and your goals so we can write content that sets you apart and engages your customers.

Content strategically written to work for you.


At RefractROI, we know that having the right content on your website is key to successful SEO. It helps you rank better and compels your audience to pick up the phone, fill out a form, or buy your product. Our content is strategically designed to align with your business goals, to speak to your audience, and ultimately drive conversion.

Content designed to build loyalty and revenue.


Content can accomplish many things, but successful businesses focus on three primary goals: informing potential customers, educating them on the differences between you and the competitors, and engaging those that aren’t doing business with you to start a conversation.

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Improve your rankings and get in front of the right people to generate scalable, predictable business.


Develop the digital marketing infrastructure required to meet your business objectives that elevates your brand standards.

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