Company Background

Client is a distributor and service provider of of automation and compressed air systems to manufacturers. The private equity-backed business had acquired several complementary businesses to fuel portfolio growth. Consistent revenue generation from new customers was required for additional investments. RefractROI’s solution was to combine SEO, Paid Search, and a Multisite to grow and leverage new and existing portfolio companies.

Business Challenges

The marketing team had limited digital expertise and the main portfolio company had a minimal digital presence. Most sales were generated by networking efforts and leveraging other key relationships. CEO targeted a goal of new customers contributing to 50% of the revenue growth target, but had no tangible strategy to achieve the goal.

From a digital perspective, there was no strategy to grow or leverage new websites acquired, causing the client to lose revenue opportunities and creating substantial inefficiencies in management. The company had invested in new marketing leadership, but still required execution and expertise to achieve their goals.


By combing Paid Search, SEO, and a Multisite to grow and leverage new and existing portfolio companies, RefracROI:

  • Launched a WordPress multisite to bring all websites underneath one URL to raise Domain Authority while allowing individual companies to maintain specific branding and voice.
  • Implemented and optimized backlinking efforts to increase Domain Authority.
  • Trained internal staff on website management and consolidation to increase efficiency and performance.
  • Created and targeted paid search campaigns to capture ready-to-buy traffic at a sustainable ROI.


    RefractROI blew expectations out of the water, achieving new customer revenue over 5x the first year’s goal. This progress was maintained and expanded on the second year’s goal. Marketing now has specific procedures and strategies in place to raise the value of each portfolio company with every new acquisition. The marketing manager has been promoted due to excellent performance and enjoys a symbiotic relationship with RefractROI.


    Year 1 Target New Customer Revenue

    $2.9 MM

    Actual New Customer Revenue Years 1 & 2

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