Company Background

Client is a distributor of aircraft parts and ground service equipment to regional airports and pilots. The business had just acquired a competing brand and faced significant challenges in consolidating websites and ecommerce portals. The website needed to generate 300+ customers and contribute to the additional revenue goal of $7.5 MM.

Business Challenges

The marketing team was faced with combining two websites with different architecture and thousands of pages of unique content. The team also had to align the physical / verbal branding efforts with their new brand identity, creating significant SEO challenges in domain authority and keyword cannibalization. Due to proprietary inventory systems, a uniquely coded website was required that WordPress could not support.

The client had relied on IT to produce marketing materials, creating a working catalogue, but not a business generation tool. There are 1000’s of unique products with no consistency in categorization, brand association, content, or visibility within the website or search engines.


RefractROI provided a pathway to consolidating competing brands that leveraged existing domain authority and created a clear pathway to necessary content generation. To achieve this, RefractROI:

  • Created a Content Import Guide to chart the redirects, content opportunities, and prioritized internal product efforts to produce necessary assets.
  • Improved existing e-commerce & Product Listing Ads to drive new customers directly to product pages with transparent pricing and product information.
  • Implemented on-page content and mapping optimizations while training IT staff on corresponding best practices.
  • Executed off-page SEO to drive increase domain authority.


New organic rankings on non-branded search were achieved quickly, with an increase of search volume relevancy over 38,500 within the first 6 months. Client also achieved goals in cross selling new products through their ecommerce store that had not been purchased directly. The client now has a website and marketing that actively drives new business at a profitable rate, and has several pathways of increasing sales in a variety of new and existing product segments.


Increased Digital Revenue within 6 months


Decrease in Paid Search Cost per Conversions

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