Company Background

In order to secure funding for a new vascular therapy, a U.K. hospital needed to demonstrate patient demand for the procedure. The hospital turned to the medical device company for partnership in a patient outreach program to drive awareness for the procedure and patients into the care pathway. The medical device company engaged RefractROI to create a content messaging plan to guide a digital marketing campaign to accomplish these goals.

The Objectives

  • Develop comprehensive digital strategy for campaign
  • Create messaging platform for patient/therapy
  • Establish rankings for targeted keyword terms
  • Drive targeted traffic to campaign landing pages
  • Increases lead generation from paid search
  • Increase overall patient throughput for therapy

The Solutions

RefractROI analyzed the target patient and built out a Patient Persona, Positioning Statement, and Messaging Platform to guide keyword selection and content development. Once keywords were identified, the firm proceeded to optimize the Company’s website and develop landing pages to connect the Patient Persona with physicians and the therapy. At the same time, RefractROI began its public relations efforts to improve SEO signals by reaching out to relevant online sites and blogs to develop content that would create backlinks for the thought-leadership of the therapy.

Once SEO efforts were in place, RefractROI implemented paid search advertising with Google Adwords to drive patient to the website landing pages and into the patient care pathway. After 4 months, the campaign was halted due to higher-than-expected patient demand. The clinical commissioning group provided funding for the therapy.

Services & Results

  • Messaging Platform
  • Website Development
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Paid Search Management (PPC)


Campaign Traffic


Campaign Media Expense


New Patients Acquired in the 1st 90-days


Patient-to-Procedure Ratio


Decrease in Cost of Patient Acquisition


Campaign ROI

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