Small business owners in Denver can jump ahead of competitors in search engine rankings partly by providing the most useful content online about their niches. The key to high placement in search results has a lot more to do with crafting high quality informative content than trying to fool search engines. In fact, those who focus too heavily on trying to outsmart search engines can get banned from search rankings.

1. Stick with White Hat SEO and Avoid Black Hat SEO

White hat SEO is the practice of following specific search engine guidelines while black hat SEO is a combination of outdated techniques that try to influence search engines to artificially boost search rankings despite weak content. To avoid getting banned, write valuable original content that users are seeking. Share links only with high quality websites and avoid creating web pages with thin content.

2. Be a Leader in Several Niches

A website that is strong in just one niche is not good enough anymore. Multiple niches are what give websites an edge over competitors these days. Even if a site is only marketing one product or service, the owner needs to develop many unique key phrases about the benefits of what they are offering.

3. SEO Denver: Sell the Geographic Location

Break down the Denver area into different neighborhoods and use the names of communities where business is essential. Use community names as keywords and combine them with business description terms.

4. Use Keywords in Titles and Don’t Overuse Them in Text

Every web page is supposed to have a title between the title tags in the HTML. Make sure each title has important keywords that summarize the content of the web page. Use these same words naturally in the content, but do not overuse them in any exaggerated fashion or search engines will penalize the site for spam.

5. Use Pinterest to Make Images Count

Pinterest has become a very popular visual social network that enables users to tag images with keywords. These images can link to websites. If the images, whether they pertain to the business or not, go viral they can bring new traffic to a website.


When it comes to SEO Denver techniques, web designers need to research their competition by finding out which niche keywords and phrases are already taken in search engines and which untapped ones allow them to dominate.

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