Be found online. Leverage your digital marketing to grow your bottom line.

Digital marketing is a suite of tools and practices that can help your audience-clients, patients, investors, prospects-find your offerings online.

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Here’s how it works

Brand Awareness

If your audiences know who you are and are familiar with your brand, they are more likely to consume your products or services.

We amplify the awareness of your brand by:

  • Targeting ads only to those most likely to buy
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  • Carefully building your branded ad strategy
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  • Connecting with the audiences who already know you

Demand Generation

Demand and lead generation is anchored in finding more effective ways to reach those who may not yet be familiar with brand but seek what you offer.

We know how to:

  • Get you found for non-branded terms pertaining to what you do & sell
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  • Place service pages in SERPs to customers deep in the sales funnel
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  • Compete in short-term and long-term competitive environments

E-Commerce Platforms

For clients with physical or digital products, e-commerce platforms are a powerful means to generate conversions with a low cost of acquisition.

This is accomplished by:

  • Making products available for purchase directly by in-market customers
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  • Creating visibility for product lists by optimizing advertising at the category level
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  • Leveraging shopping ad platforms to create high ROI transactions

Digital Budget Optimization

Too often, Digital Marketing budgets spiral out of control because they are not continually monitored and optimized.

To maintain effective digital spend, the kind that pays for itself, we make sure to regularly:

  • Analyze & optimize branded vs. non-branded spend
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  • Prevent “random acts of marketing” by emphasizing revenue-generating content
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  • Scrutinize Google ads keyword bids and match types to reduce

Team & Resources

Continuity and consistency are key to building a robust Digital Marketing practice and we’ve witnessed the challenges our clients face when a key team member leaves their organization.

To help you from having to start over from scratch, Embark supports you through this transition with:

  • Job description and employment reporting hierarchy review
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  • Sourcing and screening of candidate and existing technical expertise
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  • Optimization of activities, roles & responsibilities to foster efficiency
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Our Clients

We help SMBs with over 50 employees build a robust Digital Marketing practice with predictable, measurable results and a positive ROI.

Our Process

With Embark, expect more.

We establish a true partnership with our clients and start our engagements with a deep assessment of your needs so we're all working towards a common business and financial goal.


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