Company Background

Client is a manufacturer of cooking equipment for quick service restaurants, with SEO and digital marketing efforts targeting B2B opportunities. The business wishes to leverage their reputation with a particular product segment into all of their products. They recently launched a B2C focused water treatment system. Revenue growth targets for 2022 were $12 million (an increase of just under 10%).

Business Challenges

The sales team has historically been successful in generating leads through indirect channels – existing customers, distributors, and restaurant owners – but did not have an ability to generate new unknown leads through digital channels. While their reputation is positive, these relationships have been focused on just one of many desired product segments. The client needed to leverage this reputation to other complementary and supplementary products to improve customer penetration and win new business.

The client had very little non-branded organic traffic, 95% of which was going directly to the home page. Product and category pages existed, but no on-page or off-page SEO efforts were sustained long enough to earn rankings and generate leads. Paid search budget was being spent, but with no accountability.


RefractROI developed a digital marketing strategy to introduce the client brand to new in-market customers, as well as increase visibility of complementary products to existing customers. To achieve this, RefractROI:

  • Launched an SEO engagement to raise rankings on transactional keywords directly tied to their category and product pages.
  • Consolidated online presence between two URL’s to one website with ecommerce functionality.
  • Aligned messaging across all customer facing target pages with marketing objectives.
  • Applied improvements to conversion steps, including how sales inquiries were handled in both e-commerce and traditional interactions.
  • Assessed marketing spend and paid results to determine optimal budget utilization.


RefractROI was successful in redevelopment of the two websites and consolidating domain authority and site content into an optimized structure. The client is now found regularly for competitive non-branded search terms on page 1. MQL production is expected to increase 5-6x over the next year, allowing the company to align sales efforts accordingly and scale predictably.


Average non-branded monthly organic traffic


Monthly MQLs from paid & organic search efforts

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