Many of the business owners on Shark Tank refer to “SEO” as part of their marketing strategy. One of the presenters even touted that he “left a $175,000 a year [SEO] job to start his company”. In other cases, the experts pointed out that the problem with the presenting business owners strategy was that they ‘don’t even have SEO’ implemented for their business.

Conversely, the “Marketing Experts” on the pitch rarely mention SEO, which is consistent with our experience with many traditional marketing agencies. Many old school marketing firms don’t have a good understanding of SEO.

For many companies, SEO will drive much of the success of the business as yellow pages advertising did pre 2004. However, every single company needs to have a website and have control over their web presence. Even if it just to anchor their referrals. In my experience, many web developers don’t understand the importance of SEO.

We ask these developers “What kind of SEO efforts are you implanting for your clients?”

They often reply “Oh, my clients don’t need SEO.”

Our response is that you wouldn’t build a mansion in the woods without building a road to it, so why build a website for your client if their potential customers can’t find it?


So if you don’t build the website correctly so that it is ‘SEO friendly’, and setup all of their web properties such as Google Plus, Google Authorship, LinkedIn, Facebook, Yelp and others, then there is a good chance that very little information, or even incorrect information will be found in the search results. How would that result reflect upon your client and your web Development Company (or marketing firm)?”

At this point, it becomes apparent that ignoring SEO is probably not in the best interest of their clients or their web development firm.

To solve this problem, RefractROI works with web developers, traditional marketing agencies, and all businesses to make sure they put their best foot forward by making sure their website, and more importantly an accurate web presence will be found in the search results.

If you have a business and need us to work with your marketing company or web developer to make certain you control your web presence, or if you are a web developer or an agency that wants to make sure your clients control their web presence, give us a call and ask about our “Get Found” or “Setup & Strategy Package”.

Of course, we help businesses dominate the search engines for competitive, non-branded search terms also.


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