Keyword research is an important part of your content marketing and search engine optimization process. But there is one strategy that iscommonly associated with this, but is a completely different – finding related topics and semantically connected keywords.

Google is getting smarter every day. The search giant keeps altering its processes and algorithms to provide the most relevant search results. In a recent article, Google admits that they consider authority signals and the meaning of the content when ranking a page. They also revealed that RankBrain is among the top three ranking signals. This means that the search giant is actually reading and analyzing all the content found on the Web.

Finding the Connection

You’ve done your keyword research, but you’re still not getting traffic or ranking for the terms you used. It’s time to try out something new and effective. Make a query on Google and go over the list of websites and Meta descriptions on the SERP. Look for words that are present in most of the results provided by Google. You can make a list of related topics and semantically connected keywords by doing this.

According to experts, the following are the best ways to find semantically related keywords:

  • Understanding the content of the site and listing related terms
  • Comparing the results provided by Google on SERPs
  • Referring to the related searches at the bottom of the Google results page
  • Reading a knowledgebase like Wikipedia to find out how they use semantically related terms

How to Use these to Your Advantage

Using semantic connections and related topics offers many benefits. By including words and phrases used on pages that rank well in your content, you can have a better chance of boosting your ranking potential.Simply put, if those pages rank well for those related terms or topics, so will your own page.

You can also expand your keyword research strategy by taking those related topics and semantically connected keywords into account. You may use a powerful and effective tool to generate terms that are commonly used across the web – by pages that rank well.

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