Company Background

The client needed a digital marketing agency with experience in Paid Search and Organic Search to drive campaigns. As a result, the Client wanted to develop a new direct to consumer channel, reduce their Paid Search expenses, and reinvest any savings into an organic SEO campaign. Their objectives included:

  • to determine if ecommerce would be a viable option for the client’s Sales and Marketing
  • to understand what Digital Marketing could do for them
  • implement PPC and SEO successfully

The Solution

The Client initially approached RefractROI with a PPC-specific budget of $10k per month, and through our guidance has reduced this expense significantly while enjoying a positive ROI within 12 months. The Client had tried to sell their products directly online, but were unsuccessful.

We pursued a PPC campaign targeting their top 25 products. In the first three months, we implemented product listings and Google Adwords and created a profitable campaign. In addition, the client was able to achieve a significant percentage of repeat customers, which further increased the profitability of the campaign. RefractROI decreased the total PPC advertising spend by 62%. That decreased spend was applied to an Organic Search campaign.

The client now ranks on the first page for the majority of their key target terms. The resulting revenue gained from the combined PPC and SEO campaigns has resulted in a 429% increase in revenue from what the campaign produced prior to the Client working with RefractROI.

Services & Results

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Paid Search Management (PPC)


reduced PPC spending over 12 months


Revenue increase in 2016

over 120

Unique Monthly Customers, up from zero


of Sales made by Repeat Customers

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