Brand awareness serves as an invaluable asset for any business. It represents how well your target audience recognizes your brand and how embedded it is in consumer lifestyles. Once people recognize your brand, you can develop trust and brand equity through positive experiences and perceptions. A business might pursue a brand awareness campaign in order to broaden its exposure and compete within the market. Brand awareness campaigns take careful planning, and several factors need to be in place in order to make them effective. Here are some ideas to consider before launching your own campaign, particularly if you often find yourself wondering “Why is brand awareness important?”

Understanding Your Brand And Audience

Before starting a brand awareness campaign, a company should be able to define the personality and narrative of its brand. It’s important to ask what makes your brand unique and different from competitors because this will affect how you create marketing strategies. Your brand’s personality, narrative and values will come through in your marketing, and authenticity is key. When your customers know and trust your brand, they are more likely to return. However, a brand awareness strategy must also know their audience. To connect with potential customers, you have to “understand the attitudes and behaviors of your target segments” (Forbes) and tailor your messages to them. This will help you decide the specific marketing tactics you’ll use.

Your Marketing Strategies Should Have A Common Goal

While it may feel tempting to focus on the metrics to rate your return on investment (ROI), the number of ways to measure your campaigns’ success can become overwhelming and sometimes inaccurate. Instead, you can shift focus to the goals of your marketing tactics. Having a clear objective will help you build a cohesive, comprehensive marketing strategy, establishing a solid brand that will also help you generate leads. According to Responsive Inbound Marketing, brand awareness and lead generation campaigns feed into each other because they share a goal: building an audience of loyal customers that trust your business. This places the importance on consistency in your marketing and brand, from your website, messaging, content and social media presence.

Create Strategies For Each Step of The Sales Funnel

The sales funnel represents the journey from brand awareness to the customer, and each part of the journey requires different strategies.

  1. The Top: Brand Awareness. For this stage, you want to expose your brand to as many people in your target audience as possible. You can narrow the media you use in order to target particular demographics.
  2. The Middle: Generating Leads. Now that people know about your brand, you need to keep their attention. Social engagement, advertisements and create content like blog posts all help a potential lead learn more about your brand and its unique personality.
  3. The Bottom: Nurturing Leads. People have landed on your website, and they have shown interest in your brand. According to Taboola Blog, the most efficient way to nurture leads is through highly relevant emails with information, content and offers.

Each stage shares a common goal of driving action, and you can adjust your focus based on the needs of your brand.

User Experience is Crucial

Brand awareness campaigns should ultimately encourage people to visit the company’s website, which means having an attractive, effective site remains a priority. Exploring a website counts as engagement, and the user experience (UX) matters since 88% of users are less likely to return to a website after a negative user experience. To make your business’s website the ideal place for visitors to focus their energy, make sure you understand the user’s behavior. It’s important to keep site navigation simple, intuitive and aesthetically pleasing. You can also increase satisfactory UX by automating your ordering process and optimizing site speed. While many people use their computers to explore websites, neglecting opportunities to perfect your mobile site will negatively affect your business. Make sure to optimize your brand design on all devices so site visitors are sure to return.

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