Digital marketers have been reaping the benefits offered by Google Analytics for many years. This time, it seems the famous platform just got better.

Google recently unveiled Google Analytics 360 Suite, a new package that includes tools specifically designed for enterprise-level companies. The goal is to create a more comprehensive platform that will simplify the process of unifying and syndicating marketing and advertising data across multiple channels.

Simplicity and Availability

Google Analytics 360 Suite consists of six new and rebranded tools that will help marketers reach a more targeted audience and understand the customers’ journeys better. Google came up with the idea of integrating different tools into one platform due to the increasing need for a more comprehensive marketing solution.

Let’s take a look at the tools that come with the package.

Google Analytics 360

This is the rebranded version of the search giant’s paid enterprise level tool, Google Analytics Premium. Gain new insights and see customer experience on a new perspective. According to Google, new capabilities are on their way so marketers have better things to look forward to.

Google Optimize 360

A completely new tool, Google Optimize 360 allows marketers to run A/B tests to identify the most effective site or ad variation. Still in beta, this tool will help you deliver better and more personal experiences to visitors.

Google Tag Manager 360

There’s an existing Google Tag Manager feature, but Google Tag Manager 360 is a completely new product. According to the search giant, the new tool simplifies data collection and offers powerful APIs to streamline workflows and increase data accuracy.

Google Audience Center 360

This data management platform allows marketers to send the right message to the right audience across multiple devices and channels. It works well with Google AdWords and DoubleClick, as well as with third party data providers.

Google Data Studio 360

Also in beta, Google Data Studio 360 enables marketers to create and update reports easily. It streamlines the process of collecting data from different sources and making that information available in one place.

Google Attribution 360

Easily track expenses on all of your marketing channels. Google Attribution 360 (formerly Adometry) allows large organizations to assess and monitor the performance of their marketing efforts.

Google keeps finding better ways to make things easier for digital marketers and business owners. More updates and product releases are likely to come. As your premier provider of SEO in Denver, RefractROI is here to help you understand how these new tools work. Contact us today.

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