Company Background

Client is a SaaS provider of survey tools to support market research and CX professionals in data aggregation, customer feedback, and employee engagement. The business was built primarily around DIY and Small Business leads, and they contracted with RefractROI to change the trajectory of lead generation to focus on acquiring businesses over 250MM in annual revenue through Paid Search Management, Content, and SEO.

Business Challenges

The client was charged with $9MM in growth goals (33% annual increase) during our first year of engagement. The average “DIY” customer brought in $800 in annual revenue, whereas enterprise engagements held an average monthly revenue of $5,000 with a ceiling of $100,000. A goal of $2.5MM in enterprise revenue was set, with digital marketing expected to supply the 1,100 leads required to support sales.

A complicated website structure combined with inconsistent management practices created a difficult environment to predict, track, and attribute marketing activities with revenue. Target pages did not share a consistent voice or structure based on their audience. Effective content was produced, but activity could not be attributed to individual content pieces.


RefractROI customized solutions tailored to the client’s unique problem by uncovering the keyword opportunities within their space and developing a strategy to win market share from leading competitors SurveyMonkey & Qualtrics.

  • SEO engagement on 20 target pages with a net monthly DA of 720.
  • Paid search management of Google Ad campaigns with $10,000 average monthly budget.
  • Content & messaging services to develop the personas and languages required to earn enterprise leads.
  • Management, HR, and Contractor resource reviews provided to ensure return on investment for marketing expenses.


RefractROI quickly surpassed the original annual goal, achieving 750 monthly leads on average, with over half of them coming from Enterprise sources. 2 key accounts acquired – McDonalds and Nike, hit original revenue goals within the first 6 months. Client now enjoys an average CPA of $188 for paid leads, and $37 generated through SEO and content efforts.


All company leads generated by SEO


Average monthly MQLs from digital marketing

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