Company Background

Client is a SaaS provider of cloud-based business continuity IT infrastructure to Managed Service Providers. The business had just acquired a larger competitor and faced significant challenges in their rebranding efforts. Revenue growth of 20% was expected by the Private Equity funding the acquisition.

Business Challenges

The marketing team was faced with combining two websites with different architecture and over 2,000 pages of unique content. Most current marketing tasks focused on social media with opaque results. Sales led all marketing efforts, creating a substantial process gap between sales needs, website content, and calls to action. Marketing monthly media budget was $30,000, and leadership had little faith in the performance tracking that had been set up – the marketing team was pressured to spend the budget, but could not prove value. The client had no in-house marketing expertise to chart a constructive path forward. RefractROI was approached with a goal of generating 50,000 in traffic and 500 MQL’s on a monthly basis.


RefractROI provided consultative services to assist with the content consolidation effort, leading to engagements designed to convert new customers and expand the services of existing customers. To achieve this,

  • Launched an SEO engagement to raise rankings on transactional keywords directly tied to their product pages.
  • Programmatic campaign to existing customers to increase product penetration.
  • Trained internal staff on paid search best practices, including recruiting and managing an internal paid search manager.
  • Conversion optimization to define and refine the pathways new customers took to engage with client.
  • Marketing spend assessment to determine optimal budget utilization.


RefractROI was successful in growing monthly MQL’s generated from 103 to over 500 per month. Client also achieved marketing goals in cross selling and specific business units. Marketing budgets were reallocated to focus on activities that generated revenue, reducing overall digital marketing budgets by 40%.


All company leads generated by SEO


Average monthly MQLs from digital marketing

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