Link building is by far one of the most overwhelming jobs for SEO specialists and digital marketers. There are many resources telling you what to do and what not. For an average person, link building is a complex and challenging way to boost online presence and search rankings.

But experts advise marketers not to fear the tactic, as there are (proper) ways to hit the mark and achieve the best results. According to them, link building is just an effective strategy to connect with the target audience.

Using our experience and the information we found on reliable resources, we’ve created a list of the top link building strategies that will boost your online marketing efforts this year.

Presenting and Marketing Content the Right Way

Your (high quality) content will promote itself, particularly if you’re an industry leader, a famous writer, or an influencer like Neil Patel. But don’t get us wrong here. You don’t have to be a Google executive or a Moz writer to get your content shared a hundred or thousand times on multiple platforms.These days, content marketing isn’t just about who writes the content. The quality of writing and the way the content affects the readers makes a big difference.

Tip: Upgrade your content by incorporating graphics, checklists, and email marketing copies. Links to additional resources are still effective.

Becoming an Authority in Your Niche

When was the last time you were interviewed? Being quoted on websites and publications is a highly effective way to become an authority in your niche, get more followers, build new relationships, and drive traffic to your website. The interview could be in the form of a podcast or a Google+ hangout, depending on your preference.

Using Infographics

You’ve probably came across a well-designed infographics. This type of content proved to be an effective tool for establishing connections and interactions with readers. Let’s put it this way, writers are more likely to link to the page containing your interactive, visually rich infographics.

Going Local

Local SEO has changed – a lot. It’s now the link building alternative for small and medium-sized businesses. Providing sponsorships, volunteering for community service, and joining local events can add exposure for your brand. We’ll help you create a local SEO campaign that includes these strategies.

Placing Your Content (Link) on Resource Pages

People look for useful links online. Placing your content on resource pages is a good way to obtain links, traffic, shares, and following. Finding the right publications or resources from which you can get inbound links is also beneficial for your business.

Links are important in achieving your online marketing goals this year. As the premier SEO company in Denver, RefractROI is here to guide you on the right track. Our SEO team is more than willing to provide assistance in your link building strategy. In case you don’t have any, we would be glad to create a winning campaign for you.

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