Infographics are a great way to distill and demonstrate the relevant elements around a topic.  Social media has been instrumental in changing the way that brands and businesses of all sizes implement their marketing strategy and connect with customers, and channels such as Twitter can deliver just as much value for small businesses as they can for large brands.

Small business blog Intuit partnered with Column Five Media to produce this infographic that takes a closer look at how small businesses are working with the web.

Key ideas:

  • One-third of small businesses don’t even have a website.
  • Only 44% of small businesses use social media to grow their business.
  • Facebook is by far the largest social media platform used by small business.  Only 15% use LinkedIn and only 10% use Twitter.
  • The number one reason small businesses use social media is to attract new customers

The big conclusion:  There is a great opportunity for small businesses to get a jump on their competition by adopting Twitter and other digital marketing tools.  Leaving Twitter out of your marketing strategy is making a big mistake.

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