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Measuring digital advertising effectiveness can prove tricky for any business. Before engaging in any marketing strategy, a business should establish the digital marketing metrics it will use to assess whether it succeeded in achieving its goals. The metric that works best for your brand will depend on your unique campaigns, media, and objectives. You could use any number of digital marketing measurement tools to gauge your current success, and here are some suggestions to help you find what works best for you and your brand. 

Measure Traffic to Your Website Based on Your Campaigns

1. To measure your brand’s online traffic, you can start by assessing traffic by source. This could mean looking at visits generated by organic search, direct website visits, referrals, or social media traffic. Assessing each form of traffic shows you which of your campaigns and digital marketing efforts works most effectively, allowing you to concentrate your resources where they’re required. 

2. Is your SEO working in your favor? The wealth of information available to people through search engines means that traffic through organic searches still matters. By addressing your brand’s SEO, you increase the likelihood of people discovering your website. If it works for your business, you can consider local SEO that targets users in your local area, giving you the chance to dominate your brand’s niche audience.

3. Consider how your audience engages with your social media. Engagement looks like sharing, liking, retweeting, or commenting on posts, and this interaction can make or break a brand. Successful brands interact with their audience and respond to customer needs through their social media. You can optimize your social media presence by looking at your most popular posts and creating similar content.

Evaluate the User Experience (UX) of Your Website 

4. Visits or sessions provide a simple way to gauge your marketing success, and learning about how your audience behaves on your website will strengthen your future marketing decisions. You can hone in on the most visited pages and find out the average amount of time spent there, giving you clues on what needs improvement.

5. Bounce rates will tell you if a disconnect exists between your marketing and landing page. Optimized landing pages generate 220% more leads than regular pages, so if people leave your website right after clicking the link, your landing page requires immediate attention.

6. Exit rates differ from bounce rates since they focus on how long a visitor spends on a page and where they are before leaving it. Use this measurement to rethink your website’s design and content. You can remove content that loses people’s interest and mimic the layout and design of pages that draw visitors’ attention. 

Review Which Marketing Efforts Lead to Conversions

7. Conversions seem like one of the obvious digital marketing KPIs (key performance indicators), but it means something different for each brand. Depending on the pre-established goals of your marketing, a conversion could mean gaining a new subscriber, earning new followers on social media, generating a lead or landing a sale. Concentrate on the conversions that currently matter most to your brand. 

8. Lead generation brings you one step closer to a customer, so it’s important to assess whether your company attracts enough leads. Through analytics, you can find out how many people completely fill out your contact form or whether people leave the page midway. This allows you to refine how visitors give you information so they become a lead.

9. Sales connect to your return on investment (ROI), helping you to uncover which of your marketing efforts brought you the most success. It’s better to give your time, money, and energy to the digital marketing solutions that, at the end of the day, best serve your brand.

Maxime Your Digital Marketing With a Partner You Can Trust

Ultimately, your brand has to decide how to measure marketing campaign effectiveness itself, but RefractROI can offer you digital marketing campaign analysis to help you customize your unique strategy. Our team of Google and Hubspot certified digital marketing experts offer a range of services from PPC, SEO, Content Marketing, and website design solutions, allowing us to address the specific needs of your brand. We’ve worked with clients in Denver as well as across the country to bring marketing solutions that drive growth for your business, both short and long-term. If you’re ready to optimize your digital marketing success, contact RefractROI or call 303-848-3042.

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